Translator' s Note
Munirih Khànum remains a relatively unknown
figure in Bahà'I history. This book will perhaps serve
to make her more widely known within the English-
speaking world.
In the first section, we are presented with some
memories of her early life. These include anecdotes from
her father, Mirzà Muhammad-f Ali Nahri, also from her
uncle, Aqa Mirzà Hàdi, and from Khadfjih Bigum, the
widow ofthe Bab. Unfortunately, her account ends with
her marriage to 'Abdu'l-Bahà in 1871. Ofthe fifty years
or so of that marriage she provides us with no account.
We do not know when these memories were written,
but some two years after 'Abdu'l-Bahà's passing in 1921,
a copy was sent by Munirih Khànum and Shoghi Effendi
to AhmadSohrab in America for translation into En-
glish. Sohrab's translation appeared early in 1924. At
that time of sorrow, this precious memoir of the Holy
Family was a sweet balm. Unfortunately, Sohrab's trans-
lation is far from ideaI. He interpreted the text rather
freely, and he omitted many lines. Hence the need for
a new translation.

Munirih Khanum, Trad. Sammireh Anwar Smith
Memoirs and Letters
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