The materials gathered together in this book are intended
zo stimulate study of Bahà'u'llàh's Book of Certitude, the
Eitab-i-Iqan. With repeated use in classes, they have
evolved over a number of years into their present form
'\hich, it is hoped, will prove useful for both individual and
group study.
In the future undoubtedly whole volumes will be com-
oiled drawing together information of this sorto If, for the
?resent, these notes assist the student of the Ìqan to acquire
a broader vision of its fundamental themes and truths and
~)IDVe a convenient point of reference for explanations not
always at hand, they will have served their intended pur-
Whatever help notes of this kind may offer, ultimately,
of course, the Ìqan speaks for itself. It is its own great
expounder. The verses themselves illumine each other and
zhe reader. May eager explorers of the Ìqan's luminous
c.xpanse be guided by it towards the sublime heights of
certitude and positive knowledge which it reveals.
H ooper C. Dumbar
Haifa 1998
Hooper C. Dunbar
A Companion to the Study of the Kitàb-i-I'qàn
Autori Bahà'ì
Testo, studio vita insegnamenti Kitab-i-Iqan
290 Altre Religioni e Religione Comparata
Studio a tema
Great Britain
2000 (Rist)
George Ronald Oxford
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