Much has been written about the Holy Land,
that srnall . turbulent area in the Middle East
linking Asia, Africa and Europe. Throughout
the ages it has played a vital role in the
ever-unfolding drama of religious history. J ews,
Christians, Muslims all revere this land that
shelters many of their Holy Places: the Western
Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, al-
Aqsa, and others. Its history is well documented
in literature, films and countless art forms, to say
nothing of the Holy Books - the Old and New
Testaments of the Bible, the Quran [Koran]
- which record the origins and other events
associated with these revealed religions.
Less well known is the fact that four, not
three, major revealed religions have dose associ-
ations with the Holy Land. For over a hundred
years - long before the British Mandate and
before the Zionist discourses of Herzl- the
Bahà'is were developing ties with 'Akkà and
Haifa leading to the establishment of their Holy
Places, not by deliberate choice of their own, but
by reason of the forces of history.
Exiled from his native Persia to Baghdad,
Constantinople and Adrianople, Bahà'u'Ilàh,
Founder of the Bahà'I Faith, was brought as a
prisoner of the Turkish regime to the Citadel in
'Akka in August 1868 where he remained in
confinement for over two years. Though later
allowed to reside in other places in and about
'Akkà, he remained a political prisoner for the
rest of his life. He passed away in 1892 and his
remains are entombed in Bahji, north of 'Akkà.
His Shrine, regarded by his followers as the
holiest spot on earth, is the point toward which
the faithful turn their faces daily as they recite
their obligatory prayers.
Shoghi Effendi Rabbani, late Guardian of the
Bahà'i Faith, succinctly and authoritatively sum-
marized the teachings of Bahà'u'Ilàh:

'The Revelation proclaimed by Bahà'u'Ilàh,
His followers believe, is divine in origin, all-
embracing in scope, broad in its outlook,
scientific in its method, humanitarian .............
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