The perseeution of the Bahà'i eommunity in Iran has
reeently beeome so savage as to attraet the attention of
governments, international eouncils, the media and the
United Nations. The present outburst is eondueted in an
organized way with the evident purpose of exterminating
an entire eommunity, the largest religious minority in the
eountry; indeed, larger than the Jewish, Zoroastrian and
Christian eommunities together. The leaders ofthe Bahà'i
eommunity have been seized and exeeuted, its holy plaees
razed, its properties and fìnancial assets attaehed, many
homes burned, the erops of its farmers destroyed, its
members denied employment and its ehildren expelled
from sehools.
A Cry fra m the Heart is an impassioned aeeount ofthe
horrors perpetrated against an innoeent people. It is
written by an eminent Western Bahà'I who has travelled
extensively in Iran visiting the Bahà'i eommunity there. It
is a refutation of the false and eontradictory charges
levelled against them, and an exposé of the genoeidal
purpose of the present outbreak. It is up to date and
William Sears
A Cry from the Heart
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